Forest Glass
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Forest glass

What is hidden under this term, you can read below. We offer products which we have on our "stock" or products produced based on customer´s wish. Goods specified by customer´s wish is necessary discussed with respect to complexity of production. Your selected and ordered goods will be sent by post (cash on delivery system), directly to your home. We wish you a wonderful daily view and the practical usability of forest glass in your abode.

Forest glass is characterized by its greenish color which together with different amounts of air bubbles and unevenness, given by handmade, creating unique original artifact with the unmistakable charm of ancient times. Forest glass is unique in color caused by admixture of iron oxide in the glass sand, graceful shape and decorated with variously plastic surface in not only decorative but also very practical purpose. Seemingly fragile forest glass is strong and durable due to the slow cooling technology in the cooling furnace. Forest glass transforms every moment memorable event when the cups themselves will tap issuing a beautiful ringing tone.

The name "forest glass" this green glass got based on the smelters, which were established in the forests, where there were enough raw materials for melting glass and especially firewood in glass furnaces.

Manufacture of glass has a long tradition in our country, which can be continuously monitor from 13th century. Glass masters carefully guarded manufacturing processes, which passed on from generation to generation, and which have become the basis for modern glassmaking. By combining unique technologies, handicrafts and artistic sensibilities glass production in Bohemia became an integral part of European culture glass.

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